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We are your Microsoft Office Training Specialists.

We Provide One-on-One or Small Group Training for the Microsoft Office Suite.

We Support Microsoft Office Versions 1997 through to 2013.

We Come to You! (Perth Metropolitan Area)

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What are the Benefits of One-on-one or Small Group Training?

The benefits are:
  • Small Personalised Groups allow us to spend more time with each individual.
  • Our courses are delivered in Small Bursts of 2-3 Hours. We find that individuals tend to lose focus and retain less information after 2hrs.
  • Flexible Course Content and Pace. Although all of our courses are Structured, the small group environment allows us to focus more time on topics that are most relevant to a trainees situation, or are having difficulty learning.

Our courses are designed so as to not overwhelm the individual trainees.

Trainees are more likely to leave the training session confident that they've understood the entire lesson.

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Support and Training

  • Microsoft Access 2010 Support and Training Perth
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 Support and Training Perth
  • Microsoft Word 2010 Support and Training Perth
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 Support and Training Perth
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Support and Training Perth
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010 Support and Training Perth
Versions 1997-2013

Why Choose Us?

  • Trusted Network
    We have an extensive network of trusted freelancers who specialise in a wide range of skills. When the project requires such skills we seamlessly manage and integrate these specialists into the project, delivering perfect results every time.
  • Unique Solutions
    As every business is unique we believe your Software should reflect this. Each and every Application we design and create is specifically tailored to represent individual businesses whilst retaining existing corporate branding, ethics and marketing activities.
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